24 Apr

Technical Training Center, Rajshahi

কারিগরী প্রশিক্ষণ কেন্দ্র, Rajshahi Technical Training Center was established in 1967 to provide unemployment people by skill training program. This institution initially stared with the financially & technical assistance of SEATO. Now S.S.C (voc) & Short courses are successfully going on. The objective of short Courses is to produce skill human resources for employment for earning foreign currency.

4 Mar

How to find the best provider of SMM services in Santa ?

To ensure you find the best SMM services in Santa , it is necessary to note that the company should have the required expertise in the social media domain. Also, make sure they have ample experience and have valid case studies to help you understand their services better. Last but not least, affordability of the service should be an essential parameter while making a final choice.