25 Apr


Haramayn Hotel always offers you the best quality hotels in Makkah for your stay in the most Islamic city Makkah. If you would like to visit an Islamic city, choose a hotel located next to the well-known Great Mosque of Makkah. The big Mosque of Makkah is the biggest in the world and is a piece of the Hajj pilgrimage; with that reason millions of Muslim to visit it every year. We know the value of your money.

24 Apr

Do Locals Understand the Significance of Sacred Buddhist Sites in Bodh

One piece of the local community in Bodhgaya is that often gets overlooked are the people who live in this region. Many visitors bring with them the idea that Buddhist pilgrimage must be protected from non-Buddhists. And, with most of the population in this area being Hindu or Muslim, this can result in an adversarial stance. The truth is, however, these people care deeply for the region and often times take great pride in being stewards for its protection.

23 Apr

Prathmesh Resorts one of the amazing one day picnic spots

Prathamesh Resorts is the best Budget Adventure Resorts in pune for picnic, holiday, couples, family, weekend, overnight stay ,corporate events, that can improve the quality of your holiday and make it more enjoyable.comfortable stay in a grand place surrounded by scores of trees on all sides is the best place you can be over a weekend, enjoying your leisure time with your gang, family or partner.