14 Jun

MLM Software Development company in Allahabad

Nadcab Technology is venture of “Naygon Technologies Pvt. Ltd” and IT System Integrator focused on web
applications and a well-established company based in Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh). Founded in 2015 by a team of
dedicated and keen individuals, we have expanded ourselves remarkably through our expertise in software
solutions. Till date, we have grown to be a market leader in our market verticals with cost efficiency and dependable
commitments. We have experienced and focused on latest technologie

12 Jun

Mobile Billboards are Much More Effective than Stationary Billboards

Digital mobile advertising trucks are the most effective and hard to escape advertising methods. Many studies prove that the chances for ads on trucks being noticed by people in cars are 98 percent. Stats say that mobile billboard advertising is 2.5% more effective than fix billboard advertising. The message recall rate of mobile advertising is about 97 percent, which is much more than the traditional advertising recall rate which is about 19 percent only. It has been calculated by the Outdoor