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18 Jan

How much will my business app cost

This is not so hard to say that how much your business app cost. After knowing the specific features you want to have in your application, kind of app you are looking for and the criteria and time decides how much it will cost you develop a business app. Also there are some calculator like Otrevea, Imason, Kinvey and Enterprise app calculator help you to estimate the total cost to develop a business app.

13 Jan

Technical Assistance with Your Router

Router today is no longer a device that no one understands. It is a device that is used to connect multiple users to a network at the same time. Generally, that network is the internet, which keeps everyone connected to it be able to access the internet with absolutely no hassle at all. It is mostly used in businesses of all sizes, though lately, several houses with multiple PCs have also started making use of it.